Reduce Internet Costs – Increase Employee Productivity with iShield. Utilise your internet resources efficiently and cost-effectively and improve employee productivity.

iShield is a smart access email and website monitoring device located at your premises, allowing you to remotely control your entire network from one centralised location. iShield allows you to monitor and limit your staff’s internet usage, block unproductive websites like Facebook and YouTube and track all incoming and outgoing mail.

Combined with real-time remote surveillance via web interface and a firewall proxy device, iShield is the most comprehensive network monitoring solution available, ensuring you reduce your internet costs and through continuous monitoring of staff internet usage, increase employee productivity across your network!

iShield allows users to:



  • iShield allows you to remotely monitor Internet usage enabling you to manage your resources on a real-time basis from wherever you are.
  • With iShield's built-in firewall proxy device and email server, monitor emails by setting size limits per user, scan all incoming and outgoing mail for viruses and automatically add disclaimers.


  • Restrict users from accessing web sites for personal use, eg. Face Book, You Tube, Gaming, Banking, etc.
  • Have the flexibility to prevent non-work related browsing during office hours and allow personal use during lunch breaks or after hours.
  • Set usage limits for users, restricting their browsing once a cap is reached and blacklist email addresses or domains.


  • iShield's reporting features are simple and easy to use, web-based and can be generated for any time period.
  • Identify highest Internet users, understand Internet usage per user, determine web sites visited, and record outgoing emails and online chats.
  • Hold staff accountable for excessive bandwidth usage!

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