Email Marketing

Are you communicating regularly enough with your customers and potential customers? How do you share information about new products and services?

According to Jay Conrad Levinson, the founder of guerrilla marketing, you should spend 60% of your marketing budget on current and past customers and 30% on getting new customers. The remaining 10% of your budget should be spent universally. The reason for the uneven split is that it costs businesses, on average, 6 times more to get business from new customers versus existing customers.

 For small to medium business owners, however, it can be hard to focus on talking to existing and potential customers when you have a million other things to do. That’s where we come in – we’ve been helping our clients enhance their relationships through email marketing since 1995.

With Tradepage’s email marketing solution, you now have the power either create your own permission-based email newsletters, surveys, and autoresponders or let us manage your email campaigns for you. We’ll help you determine the campaign goals, write the copy, create and design the newsletter and distribute to your database, while ensuring your company complies with anti-spam legislation.

Our email marketing solution has all of the features you`d expect from an enterprise-level email marketing service, but at a price that is affordable for a small to medium businesses:

  • Track the performance of your email marketing campaigns at a glance.
  • Easily set up, organize, and leverage your mailing list.
  • Combine sophisticated features such as surveys, autoresponders, and RSS feeds into one easy-to-use all-inclusive email marketing solution.


Messaging / Advertising Services Set-up Monthly
TradeMailer Bronze ( up tp 500 e-mail addresses ) R350 R89
TradeMailer Silver ( up to 1,000 e-mail addresses ) R350 R289
TradeMailer Gold ( up to 10,000 e-mail addresses ) R350 R589
TradeMailer Platinum ( > 10,000 e-mail addresses per send ) R350 p.o.r.
SMS sending & management facility - 35c per sms R350 R35
Newsletter Manager ( up to 5,000 emails ) R300 R500