Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is used to improve the volume and quality of organic traffic results in search engines like Google and Yahoo. 

Did you know that 86% of all websites are found from the first page of search engine results? 

Online business results depend on far more than a good design. The Internet is a busy place and making websites easy to find and relevant to potential customers is a vital but complex component of ensuring return on your website investment.

We’ve been helping companies increase their website traffic since 1995. And although we use the latest science in tracking and analytics, we believe that ensuring websites successfully attract potential leads is also an art.

That’s where our experienced SEO team comes in. We have a proven track record for getting businesses to the top of search rankings and significantly more traffic and conversions. Our SEO/SEM portfolio of clients range from one man bands to well established businesses in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg.

Our SEO Strategies are based on:

Keyword Research / Competitive Analysis

Keywords are the words or phrases people type into search engines to find the web sites they`re looking for. But the Internet is extremely competitive and your competitors are targeting the same keywords as you in an attempt to attract potential customers. We identify the keywords your target audience uses when searching for your products or services based on search frequency and relevance to your website. In addition, we analyse your competition’s online strengths and weaknesses to ensure you’re competing effectively online.

Link Building

Search engines use links as a way of determining how valuable and relevant your site is so building relevant links from other websites is an important element of your online presence. Inbound links form a strong part of Google`s scoring system (Page Rank), which in turn assists your site in achieving better results. We employ a range of techniques to attract valuable links to build your rankings. We also help you maintain a successful internal link strategy

Content Development/Copywriting

A great content strategy is extremely important to online success. Getting people to come to your web site is only half the battle. Once they`ve arrived, you need to be certain you`re serving up fresh, engaging content. Search engines index new and unique content, which means there is a lot of SEO value to optimizing your web copy.

Search-Friendly Web Design

SEO efforts are only as good as the limits of your website platform. Our Web design team creates sites that are appealing to both users and search engines combining high aesthetic value, intuitive navigation and a satisfying online experience while ensuring search engines find what they’re looking for.  Find out more about our design services.

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