Wireless internet means mobility because you don’t need any fixed telephone lines. You just need to be in an iBurst coverage area.

iBurst month-to-month contracts give you the freedom of opting out at any time – just give us one calendar month’s written notice. If you do not already own an iBurst modem, you’ll need to buy one upfront.

When you`ve reached your cap, bandwidth boosters allow you to buy bulk bundles of additional data for less.

iBurst Month to Month Excludes Modem Set-up Monthly
Wireless Start 80 MB R99 R49
Wireless 1 GIG R99 R149
Wireless 2 GIG R99 R198
Wireless 5 GIG R99 R445
Wireless 8 GIG R99 R592
Wireless 15 GIG R99 R955
Wireless Start 80MB Booster   R149
Wireless Start 1 GIG Booster   R99
Wireless Start 2 GIG Booster   R69
Wireless Start 5 GIG Booster   R59
Wireless Start 8 GIG Booster   R49
Wireless Start 15 GIG Booster   R39

All prices include VAT.