Domain Registration and website hosting

Get your business online now with Tradepage’s quick and cost-effective domain registration from R30 per month and website hosting from R150 per month. 

Hosted Sharepoint

SharePoint combines a centralized document repository with collaboration, project tracking, and content management tools. Using Hosted SharePoint, you can easily and efficiently manage projects and enhance the flow of communication in your business.

Website Hosting - limited to 750 MB of traffic per month Set-up Monthly
Hosting Website ( Includes FTP access, Statistics & 100 MB Storage ) R250 R150
Hosting Access R250 R250
Hosting SQL R250 R350
Hosting Storage ( per 100 MB ) R150 R50
Hosting Overseas Website R350 R195
Hosting Traffic ( Additional 1GB traffic transfer per month ) R250 R200


Plesk Hosting - Website and E-mail Self Management Set-up Monthly
Plesk Hosting Bronze ( 500MB traffic, 50 emails, 250MB space ) R350 R95
Plesk Hosting Silver (1500MB traffic, 100 emails, 500MB space, Access) R350 R295
Plesk Hosting Gold ( 2500MB traffic, 150 emails, 750MB space, SQL ) R350 R495
Plesk Hosting Platinum ( 5000MB traffic, 250 emails, 1000MB space ) R350 R995
Plesk Hosting Diamond (10000 MB traffic, 500 emails, 2500MB space) R350 1995


Concrete Hosting - Website Content Management System Set-up Monthly
Concrete Hosting R700 R350


Server Hosting Set-up Monthly
Server Hosting - ( per 32k Average - Highest week / month -eg 5GB ) R700 R1,750


Domain Services Set-up Monthly
Domain Registration - R200 R30
Domain Registration - .com ; .net ; .org ( subject to forex rate ) R550 R50
Domain Registration - others p.o.r. p.o.r.
Domain Transfer - R50 R30
Domain Transfer - .com ; .net ; .org ( subject to forex rate ) R250 R50
Domain Transfer - others p.o.r. p.o.r.

All prices include VAT.